Board Meeting for April 23, 2021

Austin Convention Enterprises, Inc., a Texas non-profit public facility corporation (the “Corporation”), will hold a regular meeting of its board of directors (the “Board”).  The meeting will be held telephonically, per the Governor of Texas’ temporary suspension of open meeting laws, at 10:30 A.M., April 23, 2021

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To attend the meeting, the public can call 469-210-7159 and enter access code 131 887 1201 for audio. The public can also log in to the Web Ex meeting, same access code:

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If you have problems logging in, email Jimmy Flannigan at for assistance.

To speak to the Board of the Corporation at a scheduled meeting, individuals must register at least 24 hours before such meeting.  To register, email  and provide name, address, phone number and topic.  Handouts may be provided with your email registration request and if registration is completed, the handout will be provided to the Board prior to the meeting.

The registration will not be complete until registrant receives a confirmation email.  Speaking time will be limited to three minutes.  Speakers may not assign their time to another speaker.  If there are five or more speakers on a given subject whose interests are aligned or who become repetitive, the Board may designate in its discretion three representatives to present that point of view.

Speakers will speak in the order they are confirmed, although the Board reserves the right to have all speakers on a particular agenda item address the Board sequentially.  Speakers will be called upon at the time as indicated per this agenda.  A speaker forfeits his or her right to speak if not available when called.  The Board is not required to respond to speakers.

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